We founded D.I.F.-U.S.A. as a collaboration between D.I.F. Engineering from Israel and two New York City-based consulting firms - VM Consulting and Madsen Consulting Engineering.

Our purpose is to bring to our US clients, both in the private and public sectors, the same services that helped D.I.F. Engineering's clients in Israel save millions on large-scale construction and infrastructure projects through optimizing costs and streamlining processes.

We provide consulting, audits, and reviews of large-scale construction and infrastructure projects for our clients from the beginning of the planning stage to the end of construction.

Our level of expertise in the industry allows us to identify future cost-related issues, as well as delays and potential bottlenecks in the process, and eliminate them before they create problems, streamlining the process while saving valuable money and time.

We also ensure coordination among the various entities involved in the projects - not just clients, architects, engineers, and construction prime contractors, but also specialized subcontractors - to ensure compatibility in planning and execution, and minimize delays and corrections when all the components are finally combined. For more details on what we do, see our Services page.

Our international partners are listed below: