We provide consulting, audits, and reviews of large-scale construction and infrastructure projects for our clients from the beginning of the planning stage to the end of construction. We rely on our industry expertise analyzing budgets, designs, time schedules, quality, and value for money. We offer a comprehensive consulting package for an entire project, or a variety of services undertaken at different stages of the process. Some examples how we can help are listed below:

RFP Audit: We audit RFPs and other solicitations before they are issued to make sure all the scope-related items are included and the instructions are clear for the bidders. A proper plan of action in the beginning of the process can help avoid change orders once the project is under way and can help minimize issues during the latter phases.

Bid Audit: We review incoming bids from potential contractors. In our experience, clients usually settle for the lowest cost, but we review all bids for value, and anticipate future issues, in order to avoid change orders later in the process when it's too late to switch contractor.

Final Bid Review: We review BAFO (Best and Final Offer) as well as final bids from contractors, and advise the client on the potential implications. Our advice can be crucial at the negotiation stage.

Construction Documents Audit: We review the construction documents, including drawings, specifications, bills of quantities, for detail and accuracy, as well as anticipating future possible issues at construction phase. Often, lack of clarity and detail in the drawings creates delays or poor execution by the contractor, and we can nip that in the bud. We also facilitate coordination among the various types of contractors (construction, electric, plumbing) to make sure they understand the impact of their component on the whole project, and to insure the implementation is smooth.

Other Services:

Structural Engineering: We offer Structural Engineering for a large variety of projects, including new structures, renovations and adaptive reuse. This is through our partner Madsen Consulting Engineering, which is licensed in NY, NJ and CT, and is registered as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

Detailing: Our partner, VM Consulting, offers steel, cast-in-place, and precast concrete detailing.

Consulting Services: VM Consulting also renders other services such as implementation and coordination of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Value Engineering, owner's representation, etc.

Research and Development: In addition, VM Consulting, in collaboration with the Civil Engineering Department at New York University, is also working towards developing and implementation of innovative, flexible, scalable, reliable and affordable sensing solutions for various applications, with the emphasis on infrastructure degradation.